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      Study in Spain

      Come to study in Spain

      Nowadays, many people around the world has decided to study in Spain. They want to continue studying in European countries with the best academic facilities and life at a low cost.
      And after considering all the options many of them chose Spain.
      There are many questions about studying in Spain. Spain has excellent university facilities and high academic rankings. Spain is a member of Schengen and students can travel to European countries easily and without a visa. For further information on the conditions for sending students to Spain and studying in Spain, you can contact the future Institute’s consultants.

      The benefits of studying in Spain are low-cost, the possibility of working in Spain after graduation, and the receipt of Spanish scholarships for graduate and postgraduate degrees. From the most famous cities to Spain, you can mention the cities of Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

      Bachelor’s degree or Spanish degree.

      At the undergraduate level, it takes about 4 years, and the courses are taught in Spanish at this time, therefore, it is imperative to have a Spanish language proficiency and a Spanish language proficiency. Undergraduate students can work 10 hours per week and earn a salary of 80-100 euros per week, which covers a portion of the cost of living and studying the student.


      Graduate or master’s degree in Spain.

      The master’s degree in Spanish universities lasts 2 years and courses are taught in both English and Spanish. Students in Spanish should have completed a Spanish language before entering the university, and students who want to continue studying in Spain must have English. Undergraduate students can work 20 hours a week and receive a salary of between € 160 and € 200 per week, which can easily cover the cost of living in Spain and student tuition..


      PhD studies.

      Studying in Spain at PhD level is 5 years, which is 2 years in specialized classes.

      And 3 years to complete the thesis and defend it. Courses at this level are provided in English.

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      We are a team of experts willing to help individuals, families and business that are coming from Iran to Spain.

      It will be a pleasure to hear from you and solve your doubts.

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